Shahin Najafi's Khali Glass jar candle
Shahin Najafi's Khali Glass jar candle

Anaar Urban Fashion

Shahin Najafi's Khali Glass jar candle

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Anaar Urban Fashion had the honor of collaborating with Shahin Najafi on this new design to celebrate the release of his latest album "Sigma".

The poem verse of this typography design is selected from Shahin' beautiful popular song called "Khali" from the album "Sade".
The lyric of this song is written by Shahin Najafi himself too.

Now you can light up this candle with this beautiful poem on it as you listen to Shahin's songs in your room.

Placed in a glass core and fitted with a wooden top, the glass jar candle functions as a stylish home decoration. Light it up and watch how the dancing flame brings the room to life!

• 100% paraffin
• 3.8″ × 3.2″ (97 × 80 mm) glass vessel
• 0.2″ (5 mm) wooden top
• Product weight: 1.2 lbs (545g)
• Burning time up to 40 hours